Episode Recap: "By Accident"

Ryan returns to West Beverly but seems to have lost his spark. Kelly and Naomi learn who Adrianna's real baby-daddy is, and Dixon finally tells Silver how he feels.

On Ryan's first day back, he drops a bombshell that he's pretty much over the whole teaching thing - and by the looks of it, shaving too. His encounter with Kelly is awkward as expected, but during class, he isn't the spit-fire teacher he was before his leave of absence. He even transfers Silver out of his class because she called him a "child-molesting pervert." Talk about sensitive. Dixon tries to stick up for Ryan saying that Silver can really hurt someone's feelings, but we soon realize he's talking about himself instead of Mr. Matthews. Too bad Silver doesn't pick up on it.

Ade is frazzled between her new commercial, studying for the lead role in the new school play (which Annie is vying for) and trying to figure out just how many coffees and protein bars the human body can hold without going into seizures. Either she forgot she's pregnant or is some serious denial. Naomi notices this and recruits Kelly to help her get through to her best friend. But the two end up bickering when Naomi says she should get an abortion and Kelly suggests adoption as an option. Ade gets overwhelmed and ends up driving through the night, but even her trust gallon of water can't help her from zoning and she nearly getting in an accident.

Naomi learns her mother has gone AWOL with no intentions of returning and the worst part is her father plans to sell the house, forcing Naomi to move in with him and Gayle. But things start looking up when Naomi finds a bra and various intimates strewn across the floor that aren't Gayle's. Ha. He's cheating on his mistress with a mistress. Naomi uses this info as blackmail where the conditions are simple: she will live in a hotel until her mom returns and daddy pays.

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