Memphis Beat: "That's All Right, Mama" Review Season 1, Episode 1

Advance Review: Honestly, the idea of an "unconventional" cop show is definitely appealing considering how many carbon-copy police procedurals there are across the channels. It's a risky move, but not when all the right ingredients are in place. Unfortunately, TNT's Memphis Beat rejects most tried and true cop show formulas and creates something all-together detached and bland. I can appreciate that the lead character, Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee) lives with his mama and has no immediate love interest (or even any female on the show who might turn out to be his love interest) but it comes at the expense of making him seem lonely and suspiciously unstable. Hell, even Dwight's mama's got a new beau while her son just drives around, surveying the streets of Memphis from behind his cop shades.

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