'Glee': FOX may have a hit on its hands

With The official "Glee" premiere, the much-buzzed-about (i.e. heavily advertised) show made a long-awaited second appearance after a preview of the "Glee" pilot episode last spring. And I gotta say, it surprised me. Amidst the teen drama, overproduced songs, and cartoonish characters - all of which I love, by the way - there's some serious funny going on. It may sound odd, but while I always expected to enjoy the show, I didn't necessarily expect it to have me laughing out loud, sometimes with surprisingly edgy jokes.

We pick up where we left off: five high school outcasts and one football player are trying to make glee club (very accurately dubbed "the Island of Misfit Toys" by Sue, the cheerleading coach) into something less than a social death sentence; Sue is still hating on the whole endeavor; Will is being freakishly optimistic; and Emma is painfully in love with Will.

Since show choirs need 12 members to compete in regionals, Will books the kids to perform "Le Freak" at a school assembly for recruitment purposes. They stage a coup and perform a highly sexualized "Push It" instead of the suicidal disco number, landing glee club in a bit of hot water but exponentially increasing its popularity. Their first new recruits, however, aren't in it for the singing. Finn's celibate cheerleader girlfriend Quinn and two of her Cheerio friends become gleeks in order to keep tabs on Finn and Rachel, and to spy on glee club for Sue.

Rachel is still hopelessly devoted to Finn, and when she impresses him with her singing and with her pro-contraceptive outburst at the celibacy club, they share a sweet kiss that's interrupted by Finn's...um...overexcitement. When he runs out, she clearly thinks it's something she did wrong. After Quinn joins glee club and it appears that Finn won't be kissing Rachel again any time soon, she and the glee gals treat us to a heartfelt performance of "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. Aww.

Emma and Will's burgeoning relationship isn't going any better, unfortunately. When football coach and Emma-admirer Ken spies them sharing an adorable moment while working late-night, he gives Emma a talk about the dangers of chasing married soon-to-be-fathers, and she stops things with Will before they can really get going. Even though she's a little bit of a crazy-eyed stalker, I wish those two kids could work it out. Especially since Terri starts the episode as a pregnant psycho who insists that Will work as a night janitor so that they can buy an unnecessarily fancy house that they can't afford, and ends the episode as a fake-pregnant psycho (yes, it's a hysterical pregnancy) who pretends she wants to compromise by renovating their current apartment and working on their relationship. Wow.

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Sep 15, 2009 7:51PM EDT

I think one of the singers from GLEE is a transvestite. The one who sung, Mr. Cellaphane from Chicago. So very talented.Being Asian, I enjoyed the stuttering Korean chick. Wish I had her voice.I, too, was in the Performing Chorus yeeeeaaaarrrs ago. Ahhh, the memories.

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