True Blood: "Beautifully Broken" Review Season 3, Episode 2

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Tara (Rutina Wesley), but I seem to find her more tolerable when she's under the abrasive care of Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). I feel bad that Lettie Mae wasn't able to truly find peace in religion after kicking the bottle. Of course, this is a salacious soap so there'd be no drama if there were no, well, drama - but I see Lettie hitting the sauce again soon. She might not have become "born again" to find a man, but she totally turned Tara's religious therapy session into a chance to grope at that Reverend who was making the house call. Lettie just seems to be a lost cause no matter which direction she takes. The question is then: is this Tara's fate?

There's no question, especially after meeting Lafayette's bigoted, hate-filled mama, Ruby (Alfre Woodard), that Tara and Lafayette are survivors. But so far, I just can't seem to figure out why I don't care for Tara no matter which direction she chooses, but I care a lot about Lafayette. Maybe it's because Lafayette's a true survivor; meaning, of course, that he's only alive thanks to Alan Ball's good graces (his character died in the first book of the Charlaine Harris series). Also, he's stronger and seems to have his life figured out enough so that it's manageable and relatively drama-free (his V-dealings with Eric and Pam aside).

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