V: What We Want

With ABC launching a reboot of the beloved '80s alien invasion saga V on Tuesday, November 3rd, we here thought it would be a perfect time to look back at the original series and pick which classic elements we'd like to see return for the new millennium incarnation.

Look, we totally expect that this new series will be different in many regards and we certainly won't hold any ill-will if it's an almost complete divergence from the epic blueprint, but there are certain crucial elements from the original V that we think the new re-imagining could benefit from.

Some people stated that the new ABC series looked like a bad rip off of Independence Day. I know. I know. Give him a break, he's 12. They didn't know that ID4 was in fact, admittedly, a rip off of the '80s V. Some just didn't know, like a bunch of his fellow, younger TV viewers out there who will hopefully tune in for the new show, that there was an original V. Hopefully this feature will also serve as an educational time capsule and will influence a ton of uninitiated couch potatoes to go out and check out both the original two part V mini-series from 1983 and the three part V: The Final Battle mini-series from 1984.

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Nov 3, 2009 12:41AM EST

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