'More to Love': Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking

We join the gang in Hawaii. Amookalahkaheekee, c'mon ya wanna lei me? Thanks Wayne Campbell. They head to a luau and Tali and Malissa look great. Mandy is wearing an unfortunate dress. He tells the girls this is their last group date and Mandy goes "WOOO!" and lifts up her arms in triumph. Heh heh.

Malissa's Date

Luke talking-heads that he and Malissa make a great physical match, but he needs to know if she's "in it for love or just in it to win it." Um, what? What would she WIN? A chance to be the Fatchelorette? I doubt this show will continue.

They go to a Sea World-like place, which is an AWESOME date. Penguins! Dolphins! Sea lions! They get to swim with the dolphins, I'm so jealous! Afterwards, they talk about putting themselves out there and being together in real life. Malissa says the crazy dates are awesome, but she would be happy just to hang out with Luke alone and do nothing. They smooch.

After the Sea World portion of the date, they have a nice dinner. Malissa confesses Luke is the first really big guy she's dated and he seems a little worried that he's not the type she usually dates. She tells him not to worry about it and calls him out on sounding insecure. You go, girl.

Luke then springs it on Malissa that dessert is back at his place. Woo woo. They pretty much skip dessert and head right for the bedroom. Is a "first time for every thing" joke totally mean? Probably. They talk about their feelings more but then get with the kissing and rubbing and moaning. Geez.

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Sep 16, 2009 10:27PM EDT

The phrase "in it to win it" is a colloquialism and not to be taken literally. He hasn't suggested anyone else might "win" anything. If he had, I might think he's referring to himself but, I think he is referring to Malissa's competitive nature.

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