Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 5

Yes, I’m back and still guarding and still protecting your heart. I’d like to thank you for helping me last week with my informal poll about male grooming. The overwhelming feeling out there is that you ladies like a real man, and apparently that means having a little hair on his chest. Aren’t you glad we can come together and solve the world’s problems like this?

I want to step back a couple weeks and clear up a funny controversy that was started when some of you - and Joel McHale on The Soup (big fan of that show, btw) - noticed Justin’s cast switched legs on his hike up to Ali’s house. Justin hurt his leg the day before we started shooting the show. It really was hurt and in reality, his cast didn’t switch legs. Our editors sometimes flip the video, which is essentially using the mirror image of a shot. The reason they do this from time to time is simple: It looks prettier. With this mirror image being used, it appeared Justin’s cast switched legs. As you’ll see next week, Justin might be manipulating many things, but he wasn’t faking his injury.

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