Top Moments: Breaking Bad, the Veep and Pamela Anderson Go Big

TV went big this week. Desperate Housewives' Katherine picked the worst possible moment for a heart-to-heart. Some Amazing Race contestants made a mistake of Biblical proportions. Breaking Bad made its play to be the best show on the air. And - as our noble leaders are duly elected to do - Vice President Joe Biden put everything in perspective. Welcome to Top Moments, Big F---ing Deal Edition.

12. Kill-Your-Chances Award: Challenged to kill or be killed as part of his spy training, the titular star of Chuck finds himself unable to take another's life. (This is Chuck we're talking about.) Casey steps in to carry out the killing, unbeknownst to anyone else, including Sarah. Has her belief that Chuck crossed the line destroyed any hopes of their being together?

11. Best Effort: During a night attack, The Pacific's John Basilone is a one-man Army as he repels the Japanese advances on a crucial U.S. airstrip. Not only does he gun down hundreds of enemy soldiers with his own machine gun, but he also fights hand-to-hand, repairs a fellow soldier's weapon, and runs right into the middle of the crossfire to move a pile of dead Japanese soldiers out of his men's line of sight. Oh, and he does it all with third-degree burns on his arm.

10. Best Branding: On 30 Rock, prolongued exposure to Kenneth (the always hilarious Jack McBrayer) causes Tracy and Jenna to have a series of "Kenmares" - disturbingly realistic and erotic dreams about everyone's favorite page. The storyline comes to a head as Kenneth's dream-self spreads, Freddy Krueger-like, to infiltrate Pete's dreams. He appears this time in jockey shorts with an NBC Peacock on the front and back - which Liz suggestively slaps. Do they sell these at the NBC gift store?

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