Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4, Episode 24 - Demon

Tom Paris and Harry Kim take a shuttlecraft down to an extremely inhospitable planet to obtain fuel. In the course of this mission exact duplicates of the crew are created by a substance found on the planet's surface. Then, after the duplicates are beamed aboard, they suffocate because they aren't breathing the planet's gases, and The Doctor is called in. After examination, The Doctor (unaware that they are clones) tells the duplicates that "the planet has adapted you," in a process the exact opposite of terraforming. After a study, Torres discovers the reason behind the duplicates - when the substance covers her finger, she brings it back to the table, forming an exact duplicate of her finger. Then, Chakotay, Seven, and the Kim duplicate beam to the planet's surface (with Chakotay and Seven in suits) and find the real Paris and Kim. Chakotay requests all five beam up, but the Kim duplicate runs away. It eventually gets beamed up. By this point, Voyager is sinking into a pool of "silver blood". Janeway finds out that the Kim duplicate "wants a family", that is, copy the entire crew into a population for the planet. Janeway agrees, under the condition of releasing Voyager. It is released, and the "silver blood" copies everyone on the ship as the planet's population.

Source: Wikipedia

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