HAVEN ''The Hand You're Dealt'' Review Episode 10

Audrey gets more Colorado Kid clues and people die fiery deaths in the The Hand You're Dealt episode of HAVEN. Duke takes Audrey to see Vanessa, the babysitter who was with him the day of the Colorado Kid. She doesn't remember anything about that day, but the idea of it upsets her and triggers her ability to see how people die. After she is present when both the high school principal's car blows up and a student boils in a pool, Nathan and Audrey suspect her of being behind the killings, but she helps prevent an explosion and leads them to a potential disaster where they find the real firestarter, a misfit student named Matt.

Angry teen and pyrokinesis are definitely not a good combination, and Matt is seriously creepy when he got excited about his killing powers. Who doesn't love a good case of spontaneous human combustion? I like that Audrey feels guilty for what she did but also seems to accept that she did what she had to do to protect everyone in that field.. Vanessa seeing bits of what people see before they die is a bit too much of a light version of ''Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, but it gets us clues in the Colorado Kid case and brings Duke onto the team, so I'll take it.

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