'The Real Housewives of DC' Reunion Part 1 Review

I'm so ready for the Real Housewives of DC reunion. Michaele might actually crack that plastic face into a frown, Lynda calls Michaele's MS "BS," and its just getting crazier. First of all, Mary and Lynda are registered Republicans (wha?), and Stacie and Michaele are Democrats. I'm so confused. But let's talk about MS. Michaele says she came out with it to get a jump on the media. She was "healthy" during filming and off steroids and this and that. I don't know if we can believe anything she says, though! Also, the other Housewives are rolling their eyes. I feel bad, I want to believe someone when they say they have MS . . .

Lynda says, "MS are her initials and the rest is BS . . . it's a very serious disease and to use that in any way to promote fame or your book is very disturbing to me." Eeek I don't know! Lynda says doctors she's spoken to doubt it. And then Michaele made fun of Lynda blessing her house. This is still quite civil, but the most cutthroat we've seen the DC Housewives. Mary says she wants Michaele use it as a platform and Michaele says (in a Freudian slip?), "I already have for the last twelve of my lives." ACK! Yes, Michaele is delusional but I don't know about doubting a serious medical claim.

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