Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 20 - Sense and Sense Ability

The Crone, a demon who can see the future, has sensed something amazing in Wyatt, and she wants to find out more. She's formed an alliance with the King of the Kazi demons - she'll disable the Charmed Ones so his minions can attack them. While they're distracted, she'll get to examine Wyatt to her evil heart's content. Paige is having a great time dating Nate, and she's starting to feel like she might have actually found someone worth pursuing. Nate hears her singing to Wyatt, and tells her she has a great voice. He's a better judge than most, as he owns a piano bar. Paige laughs it off, saying a humiliating stage fright incident in eighth grade scarred her for life. Phoebe's boss/boyfriend, Jason, wants to syndicate Phoebe's column nationally. That means tons more work, and she's not sure how she feels about it. Piper is disappointed that the whole mothering thing isn't coming naturally to her - Leo and her sisters are better at interpreting Wyatt's different cries than she is. To disable the Charmed Ones, the Crone uses evil monkey magic. You know that "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkey tchotchke you can get at tourist traps the world over? Well, she's got the original. The monkey in question jumps on each sister at Wyatt's first street fair, taking Piper's sight, Phoebe's hearing and Paige's voice. Each sister will lose the sense in question when they need it most. For Paige, that moment comes when Nate calls her up on stage and invites her to sing. She gets two words out, and then her voice dies. She flees. Phoebe loses her hearing in a meeting with the syndication consultants. She, too, runs back to the manor.

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