Rebound Bro

In this episode Ted loses his girlfriends trust and Barney suffers from Rebound bro. The episode does have its moments but it wasn't that pleasing because it didn't really continue the Barney-Robin story line. Instead it substituted it with "Ted hates Barney", which wasn't given much attention to as compared with the story line concerning Ted's girlfriend's trust issues and Barney getting a new wingman.

Well the episode was a little disappointing for the following reasons:

1)Even though they show Ted's addressing the question of WHY he is pissed at Barney, the writers fail to give the audience enough reason to actually believe it.

2)Barney's new sidekick (i forgot his name, so lets call him "BlaBla") was funny at times but that character mostly depended on comedic situations to make us laugh (eg. his nosebleed) To be honest only the nose bleeding and the "I do this every time I get an erection" part was funny.

3) Ted's girlfriend isn't really convincing because it seems unlikely that the actress will be committed to this show. The show also showed tat the girlfriend was becoming a part of the more closer. The way they treated her introduction to th group clearly indicates that she isn't going to be The One. I say make an episode on her coming into the group and then move on to trust issues.

4)We didn't get to see some BarneyRobin moments

5) There has to be something done about Lilly and Marshal. I forget...what were they doing in this episode.

6) Ted being pissed off isn't funny at all. Seriously. I don't want even a second of his screen time devoted to "I'm pissed 4 no good reason".



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May 7, 2008 11:40AM EDT

I definiately agree about the problem with Stella. Realistically, she isn't The One. I really doubt that little blonde haired girl grows up to be that brown haired daughter of Ted's, plus the years are way off for that to be possible. She definitely seems more like she'll end up playing the friend role, fitting in more with the others.Randy was kinda funny, kinda not.I find this show quite funny sometimes but other times, characters do really dumb stuff. Like why would Lily and Marshal think it's okay to mention her sex life like that? Wouldn't you assume that's something you should keep to yourself? I guess it had to happen to create the situation but still.

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May 8, 2008 8:55PM EDT

Stella's daughter wouldn't technically be one of Ted's kids though. Those kids on the couch could be the children Ted had with Stella. By that point, Stella's daughter would not be living at home anymore.I don't think Stella necessarily is or is not the mother at this point, but I think the show is being very careful to leave open the possibility.

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