Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 21 - Necromancing the Stone

Everyone is getting excited because Piper is going to be calling forth Grams to bless Wyatt in front of the matriarchs of the Halliwell line. Phoebe also gets a call from Jason saying that he will be in town for the evening and wants to see her.

Once Grams arrives, she is surprised to learn that Piper had a boy and not a girl. Grams is very upset that Piper didn't have a girl. There have always been girls in the family line and she accuses Piper of doing something wrong. Piper denies that anything went wrong and assures Grams that the future that was seen doesn't always mean it will come true. She reminds Grams that in that future where she had a girl Prue was still alive and it is now evident that will no longer be.

Grams decides to overlook Wyatt being a boy for the time being and focus on making sure that no demons can interrupt or harm the matriarchs during the wicconing. The girls assure Grams that they have thought of everything and prepared in advance. When Grams questions them about the Necromancer she finds that they haven't prepared for him.

Phoebe leaves everyone to prepare for the Necromancer to go meet with Jason while he is in town. After they've been together he tells her that he just bought a company in China and will have to be there for six months. He then asks Phoebe to come and join him in China. She is hesitant because she doesn't want to leave her family. In the meantime, Paige decides to use the truth spell to find out if Nate can handle Paige's secret about being a witch. He handles it fine, but during the truth spell he tells Paige that he is married and has children. Paige is very upset and orbs him to the jail for him to remain until the spell wears off. Darryl doesn't like Paige using the jail, but realizes that he has to agree or Nate will expose the sister's secret.

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