Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 22 - Oh My Goddess (1)

Phoebe and Paige are at P3 recruiting men for the Bay Mirror's bachelor auction to support a children's charity. Phoebe signs up a hottie named Evan, but Paige, distracted by lack of sleep and recurring dreams of fire and brimstone, keeps scaring off the bachelors.

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a little off," Paige says.

"Well, my boyfriend moved to Hong Kong," Phoebe replies, "I'm thoroughly depressed. But I still managed to sign up six people and you have…"

"I have none people."

"None people."

Meanwhile, in a remote, frozen part of the world, a demon releases two giant beings who are trapped in the ice. The male Titan, Demetrius, asks, "Who are you?

"Me? I'm the demon who spent decades trying to free you. Now you're going to return the favor."

Instead, Demetrius streams lighting from his fingertips, vanquishing the demon. Meta, the female Titan, says, "I love it when you smite so unexpectedly."

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