Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 23 - Oh My Goddess (2)

The episode opens with the Charmed Ones questioning the new outfits that come with their powers. Chris informs them that each costume represents their new godly office. Phoebe is the Goddess of Love, Paige is the Goddess of War, and Piper is the Goddess of Nature and Balance.

Intrigued, both Paige and Phoebe are taken in by the power of their new offices and start building followers. Phoebe intrudes, in full costume, on the Bay Mirror bachelor auction and quickly turns it into a harem for men to adore her. Paige disappears to the underworld where she easily outclasses a gang of demons and drafts them as the first in her army. Both goddesses see this as a way to conquer the Titans... and satisfy their own urges.

Meanwhile, Piper retains her humanity and becomes annoyed with Leo for not coming down from the heavens to explain any of this to her and Chris who's crypticness has already worn thin with her. The magical creatures get an alert to protect what few elders remain and have gone into hiding while the nanny elf takes care of Wyatt. Deciding to try and rein in her sisters, Piper finds each of them and eventually gets them to focus on the Titans and not on gaining followers.

As for the Titans, Cronus apologizes to Demetrius for having killed his girlfriend, the Titan Meta. He then promises that Demetrius can have any woman he desires AFTER they make the world their's again by killing whomever's left of the elders. This said, Demetrius and Cronus go back on the hunt.

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