'The Closer' - 'Heart Attack' Recap Season 6, Episode 5

What an excellent episode! 'The Closer' really delved into uncharted territory with the whole issue of organ transplants, the law versus justice, medical ethics and bureaucratic red tape. This is shaping up as one of the best seasons for 'The Closer' yet.

Hearts, livers, kidneys ... how's that for a weird cause for murder? The victims were killed for body parts, or were they? It wasn't exactly a Dr. Frankenstein situation.

It was a complicated case that built to a dramatic and dynamic climax ... even though the suspect was pretty obvious.

For more on the show, as well as an update on Brenda's application to be Chief of Police, read on.

Detective Mendoza (Paola Turbay) -- she's been off the show for a while -- contacted Major Crimes about finding body parts in trash bags in a dumpster. No hands, no heads. It wasn't the first time, either. It looked like drug cartel activity or gangs. Pope was upset at the thought of the publicity from Mexican drug murders, or a serial killer, or body parts in trash bags. How does it not become sensationalized by the media?

Dr. Morales (Jonathan Del Arco), the M.E., was pivotal in finding details in the three mutilated corpses that led to a Dr. Navarro at the local free clinic. Bruno Campos played Dr. Navarro (he was a doctor on 'Royal Pains' last season, too), and once you saw how cooperative he was -- he even offered dental records that were unnecessary since the corpses had no heads -- he became the most likely suspect.

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