Supernatural Episode Recap: "Swap Meat" Season 5, Episode 12

Supernatural goes all Freaky Friday on us as a teenage nerd switches bodies with one extremely muscled Sam Winchester.

Well, I know many Supernatural fans (I won't say all) have been clamoring for a body swap episode for years. They finally did get one, although I suspect for many, it's not exactly what they had hoped. Nope, the brothers did not swap bodies so there was no Sam acting like Dean and vice versa. What we did get was Sam switching lives with a seventeen-year-old geek with a strict dad that had his whole life planned out for him.

Right off the bat we find out more details about Sam and Dean's childhood as they investigate a poltergeist in a Housatonic, Massachusetts home. The supernatural presence has worked its way up to attacking the daughter of the family that lives there. Turns out the mom used to babysit and look after Sam and Dean when John headed out of town on a hunt. She was the maid at the hotel where they lived and according to her, there was one time BDW was gone for two weeks. I like the fact we heard a little bit more about Sam and Dean's past and John was mentioned. Of course, the reminiscing didn't really show him in that great of a light, but hey, Big Daddy Winchester made his choices. It didn't surprise me that back in the day a) Sam assigned himself his own reading list and b) Dean had a crush on Donna the babysitter/hotel maid. How very Adventures in Babysitting of him.

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