Review: White Collar - Free Fall

The previews for this fall finale promised there would be an ending that we'd never see coming. That's usually a huge help in actually figuring out what the "surprise" ending is to a TV show. If we don't expect it, we know what to not expect and we can often figure out what happens. I didn't see this ending coming at all. I mean, I knew that the guy we thought was the bad guy wasn't really part of the solution. That was just a red herring. But I didn't expect who was at the door and who was in the chair in the final scene.

Thank God this show is coming back next month and not in March like so many other shows seem to be doing.

I'm still not quite sure what to make of that ending. I think we are supposed to think one thing, but this is a fall finale and the show could easily explain what happened in a very logical, "oh, that makes sense" sort of way when it comes back, where we don't see Burke in a different way and everything pretty much stays the same.

Either that or this show isn't what we thought it was and it's going to go in a completely different direction in the second half of the first season (and maybe the second season too). I'm curious to see what readers think of that image at the end. What exactly are we suppose to believe is happening in the hotel room? Is Burke behind things? Or did he simply catch on to something and go to the hotel room to confront her?

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