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QUESTION- Favorite character?

I watch NCIS essentially for the caracters.

I consider that these people got the best chemistry with each others. Unlike other criminal tv shows, I don't really care for the cases, as long as Tony pranks and kids everybody, Gibbs slaps everybody's head, Ducky talks way too much and Abby stays like she is, I'll watch that show for another 6 seasons. That is exacltly why this show (with The Office) will never get old.

SO, my question for you NCIS lovers is: What is your favorite character?

Me, being a sci fi geek, and a little weird considering all these people, my favorite person is McGee, or Probie, or Timmy, or McGeek, or McFlowerPower, or whatever name's the others give him.

Timmy is my favorite chacter because he's such a good guy, always there for everybody and also very funny in his own way. Who else Tony would tease if he left?


| 18:39 EST, 08 Jan, 2010
I think that Tony is awsome and i was also sad when Kate died but Tony and Ziva, theres something there that i can't really put a finger on.mcgue or something is anather name for mcgee
| 21:17 EST, 20 Dec, 2009
I agree that the reason you watch this show is because of the characters and the relationships between them. For me my favorite character is Gibbs - you wouldn't have a show without him. But my favorite "character" was the relationship between Tony and Kate. Ziva was a good replacement and I like how she does not use contractions. I LOVE Abby (plus she is hot) but I was SO bummed when Kate was killed - not because she was my favorite character but because there was no more Tony and Kate. The two of them were like a character in and of themselves. They tried to get the spark between Tony and Ziva but it didn't quite work as well. One of my favorite episodes was when Tony got sick and was in danger of dying from the plague and Kate stayed with him in isolation. They were always at each others throats but they clearly loved each other. I think it was SWAK. (My other favorite episode was when Gibbs dug up the box his daughter and her friend buried in the back yard - and Gibbs drowns and Tony saves and revives him).
| 10:04 EST, 08 Dec, 2009
The best caracter is gibbs.from the beginning of the serie i like the caracter of gibbs.But the team of ncis is all very is the best series of the world.
| 20:19 EDT, 31 Oct, 2009
i like mcgee and abby a i don't know witch 1 i like the best.
| 19:15 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
I like them all a lot of people are either ziva or kate fans but personally I like them both for different reasons. They should resurrect Kate and have her be part of the team and have her and Ziva pick on Tony.
| 18:51 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
Ahh, McGee for sure. He's just sweet and funny and gets along with everybody, and can be hilariously awkward too. :)
| 15:39 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
Tony! :-]
| 12:36 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
| 11:22 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
brownfox: they called him elf lord :)
| 11:21 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
love all but not ziva, palmer, or the new director
| 09:42 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
Tony! Totally. But, true, all the characters are great. I love McGee too, and abby, and... well you know, the whole team. :)
| 04:23 EDT, 12 Oct, 2009
i beleave they also called McGee elfen prince or something like it from his game nickname. it is a realy hard to pick 1 but if i had to pick 1 it would be abby
| 18:18 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
tony, i kw he likes 2 play like a play boy but did u see him with le gand qui's daughter. he was so in luv n so torn apart, smh.he has so much love in him.
| 17:58 EDT, 11 Oct, 2009
Its so hard to choose :( Can I just say I love the whole team and count 'the team' as an entity?

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