Review: Stargate Universe - Justice Episode 10

While watching this episode of Stargate Universe, I kept thinking of the "Court Martial" episode of the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk is tried for the wrongful death of a crewmate, but Spock discovers via a 3D chess game that the computer's system has been tampered with and presents the evidence at the trial. Yes, I'm that geeky.

Ok, so that's about all these episodes have in common, and there's only so much you can do with the "trial in space" story. It boils down to the characters, and in this instance, the battle lines were drawn even further in this compelling little murder mystery.

But as we learned, it wasn't murder, a fact that Eli, like Spock, discovered via the system. Mike saw Spencer's demise coming a mile away in last week's review - way to go, Mike.

Rush is in a world of crap now, isn't he? I can't decide if I'm happy that he's stranded on the planet or not. He's certainly irritating enough; on the other hand, the ship will no doubt feel the loss of his genius mind. What do you think will happen? I think he'll figure out how to get into that ship on the planet. Who knows what's to be found in there. Maybe he'll get the thing running.

I wanted to feel mad at Wray for being such a piss-head about the whole thing with Col. Young, but she did the right thing in the end. Instead, I transferred my annoyance to Rush. Especially when you think back to his demeanor during the trial, when Wray was trying to get him to say something damaging and he acted oh so innocent: "You want me to suggest that we're better off without [Spencer]; therefore, Col. Young would draw the same conclusion. That would be pure speculation, and I'll have none of it." Oh yeah? Well, how about a punch in the face then?

And then, his little rant to Young on the planet: "I knew there wouldn't be any real evidence against you. The idea was to create just enough doubt to get you to step aside ... You're the wrong man for the job ... You don't believe in our mission ... You resigned your commission because you didn't want to make the life or death decisions ... that makes you a liability."

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