'The Vampire Diaries' Review: The New Vamps on the Block

I'm not sure how The Vampire Diaries does it, but the shocking twists continue to pile up with several "Holy Crap!" moments in every episode. This week, we get three new vampire revelations, a tie to Katherine, and the identity of Elena's biological mother.

First, we meet the mystery vampire who caused Elena's car crash. He's Noah, but he's dead by the end of this episode thanks to Stefan and Damon channeling their inner Jack Bauer. Using their enhanced interrogation techniques, they learn that Noah is also working on a way to open Katherine's Tomb, because she had more friends than just the Salvatores.

To do that, they need to find Emily's spellbook, which can be found via Jonathan Gilbert's journal. That journal is in the hands of Alaric Saltzman, because Jeremy loaned it to him, much to Anna's chagrin. She's upset because, as you probably guessed, Anna is also a vampire working with Noah.

For most shows, that's enough, but not The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie also flirts with a hunky bartender named Ben, but he's actually a THIRD new vampire, also working with Anna and Noah to free Katherine. Poor Bonnie, but on the bright side, the addition of Sean Faris to the cast brings the show one step closer to being able to release a Men of The Vampire Diaries 2011 calendar.

And if you thought revealing three new vampires wasn't enough for one episode, we also learn that Elena's biological mother was named Isobel and she was a 16-year-old runaway. Oh yeah, Isobel just happens to be Alaric's dead wife!

That's right, Alaric is in town to hunt down Damon, who killed Elena's biological mother. Congratulations, Vampire Diaries, for blowing my mind five ways from Sunday in a single episode.

Now if only they could find a way to bring Tyler back (does anyone else remember him?) or make Matt and Caroline's generic romance interesting, The Vampire Diaries would be all great.

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