sylar has done what i thought was imposible........

he made me question heroes

why on earth would you keep switching side


and i have to say it was awsome and terrifing to see

claire in such a vunerable state

finnally we saw her not as the cheerleder but as a girl

further more i like the fact that the wrighters are finnally

regretting killing isac mendez

i always liked him

and i love the effect hiro had when he saw his sins through

the eyes of a 10 year old it reminded me of him in the 1st season

when he was the only one to really imbrace his gift.

elle died (phew i thought we would have stuk with her for ever)

nathan is one confused man he complains about taking orders...

congratulates peter on his free will..

then goes and joins pineherst to take orders..? wat ????

one my final note i LOVE the whole matt and daph thing

out of all of the couples we have had i never liked them but these 2 ;-P

but we all now know that heroes will find a way to seperate them

weather they kill matt or daph or even put her in the future and then change it and forget about her.......

p.s Mohinder.......whats going on man........your power sucks........what is he becoming?????

hopefully a cockroach


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Dec 4, 2008 7:31PM EST

nah, i think mohinders goin spiderman on us. he's got the web thing going on, and that freaky cocoon. Man i hate the new mohinder, in season one, he was this cool scientist who was the only one who was trying to get a clear picture of what was goin on, now he's turned into this freak obsessed with just getting rid of his powers, i just hope he goes back to normal.
sylar's returning to his old roots, he's a lot better than sappy old boyscout sylar.
and what is up with Hiro? get back in the game allready, and WHERES UR SWORD?!?!?

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