John Schneider to Star as Washed-Up Golf Champ

Ex-'Dukes of Hazzard'/'Smallville' star John Schneider has signed on to play the lead in 'Back Nine,' Spike TV's new show about a washed-up golf pro attempting a comeback. But that's not the most interesting tidbit in this piece of TV casting news, it's the name of the character who will serve as Schneider's caddy on the show and what he's addicted to.

The golf pro's caddy will be named Tiger, and he's addicted to sex! At first I thought, wow, that's pretty edgy, even for the gung-ho Spike. But The Hollywood Reporter says that the character's name (and his, um, hobby) were in the script a year before the recent events surrounding Tiger Woods and his various women. Now I guess the only question is, even if it was in the script before all of the real-life stuff happened, will Spike change the name of the character and what he likes?

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