Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 1, Episode 3 - Parallax

As Voyager is traveling at warp, an anomaly forces Voyager to drop to impulse near a Quantum Singularity's event horizon. Sensors detect a ship nearing the event horizon and Captain Janeway tries to hail them. Receiving no response, Janeway orders the tractor beam be used to pull the ship away from the event horizon. The attempt damages Voyager and it is decided help will be sought out on near-by worlds. However, after several attempts to navigate away from the quantum singularity lead the crew back towards the stranded ship, a startling discovery is made.

It transpires that they are the ship in the quantum singularity. They had first entered it when they dropped out of warp and are slowly falling deeper into the singularity. The properties of the quantum singularity are causing a 'temporal reflection' of the ship to appear. It is discovered that the only way out is to go back though the 'hole' in the event horizon that they made when they entered. However, the hole has since decayed, so Janeway and Torres leave on a shuttle to attempt to enlarge it enough for Voyager to fly through.

The attempt is a success and Voyager continues its journey.

Source: Wikipedia

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