RIZZOLI & ISLES Episode 6 ''I Kissed a Girl'' Review

In this RIZZOLI & ISLES episode, entitled I Kissed a Girl, we have a diabetic, lesbian lawyer named Katie, who is found dead. Initially thought to be a hate crime, it turns out to be a murder with a personal motive.

First, the team thinks that the killer is a man, namely the bouncer at the lesbian bar where Katie is last seen, because he uses a false name and has a history of trouble. Second, they think that Katie is cheating on her wife, because the bartender said she was seen with other women. Maura determines that Katie was not raped and her injuries from the beating occurred postmortem. From the blood on the murder weapon (a wood plank), Maura then discovers that the killer is a woman. A life insurance policy is found under Katie's name, providing the motive. Jane goes undercover with Maura to get DNA samples from women at the bar, in order to match the blood on the weapon. No matches. Now the spotlight is on the wife who has an airtight alibi, but it's found that Katie's insulin pump has no fingerprints on it. So the wife has an accomplice. It's the bartender; she cooperates with Jane and gets the wife's confession. (Antonio Sabato, Jr also guest stars in this episode as the yoga instructor that Maura sets up Jane with.)

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