30 Rock Season 4, Episode 6: "Sun Tea" - Recap

Liz's life turns upside down when her apartment building is transformed into a condo complex. Meanwhile, both Jack and Tracy reassess their ideas about parenthood, and Kenneth works to make TGS environmentally friendly. Al Gore even stops by!

We open with Liz sleeping while her apartment is being shown; apparently, the building is going condo. And she has two options: buy or get out! Liz's thoughts? Buy a bigger place that she can grow into with a family. Jack's thoughts? Buy two apartments! Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and somewhat famous!

Kenneth is put in charge of green-ifying NBC; he needs to reduce use by five percent. Is it possible? With Kenneth, anything is possible. He literally tries, tries, tries and tries. But 30 Rock-ers seem to like convenience over a heart-healthy planet.

Liz heads to her upstairs neighbor's place to try to sway him into selling his apartment. He, however, is deadest against leaving, but he can't afford to stay alone. So, he invites Liz to move in. She faints on the spot. (But not due to the offer; due to the awesome-ness that is the upstairs apartment!) She agrees to the move; but her motives are subversive. Secretly, she'll move in, force him out and then own both places.

Corporate problems teach Jack that he's not meant to have children. Tracy affirms this by, well, being Tracy. Ergo, after a little dad-to-friend discussion, Jack vows to get a vasectomy. Tracy (of course, again being Tracy) agrees to follow through with the surgery, as well.

Liz attempts to drive her neighbor (and now roommate) out by being a "crazy woman". But it's not going to work. You see, he's gay; and he seems to know crazy drama all too well. Liz even tries to scare him off by moving a black guy in but it, too, does not work. Apparently, gay roomie is also a gay cop; he's got moves she's never seen!

During a hallucination and under anesthesia, Tracy decides that he wants more children. More specifically, he wants a daughter. And thankfully Jack has a similar change of heart. Jack stops Tracy's vasectomy just in the nick of time; both men re-emerge, un-snipped.

We end with Liz getting the apartment of her dreams...finally. How does she eject her gay cop roommate? "The sun tea system!" Don't know what that is? You're just going to have to watch because it's pee-riceless! (And apparently also very Earth-friendly. Thank you, Kenneth!)

What do you think? Did Liz do the right thing? For that matter, did Jack and Tracy? And what's with the Al Gore cameo? What'd you love? What'd you hate?

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