'Lost' welcomes back Rebecca Mader

"Lost" is proving once again that despite the title of one of its episodes last season, dead is not necessarily dead.

Executive producer Carlton Cuse tweeted Wednesday that Rebecca Mader, last seen succumbing to the effects of the Island's time-jumping, will return to the show for its sixth and final season.

"Just saw some dailies of her new work," Cuse writes. "Awesome."

Mader's character, Charlotte Staples Lewis, grew up on the Island as her parents were members of the Dharma Initiative. After leaving as a girl and spending much of her adult life trying to get back, she returned via the team Charles Widmore dispatched to find the Island. Her body was unable to handle the Island being unstuck in time, however, and she died at the side of the man who loved her, Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies).

Just what Mader will be doing on "Lost" this season remains anyone's guess. If the detonation of the nuclear bomb at the end of last season did, as Faraday theorized, reset things to before the crash of Oceanic 815, it would allow for her return as a live character. Flashbacks and dream/vision sequences aren't out of the realm of possibility either.

My initial thought? Good. It felt like there was more to be told with Charlotte at the time of her death last season, so I'm eager to see what Cuse, Damon Lindelof and Co. will do with the character now that she's returning.

"Lost" kicks off its final season on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

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