FlashForward Episode 19 Recap: "The Negotiation"

The episode opens at FBI headquarters. Wedick is giving the "the whole world blacked out" speech to a team of agents seen in the beginning of all episodes about how the whole world blacked out. He says tomorrow is April 29. D-Day: The day they catch up to the flash forwards. Wedick says they will not back down no matter what since they are the FBI and they are always open for business. He also says Demetri and Mark are coordinating S.W.A.T. and sniper teams as additional security.

Wedick approaches Mark about Simon Campos. He wants him back immediately. Vogel brings the team to the meeting room to show them news footage of Simon as Suspect Zero. Mark notices that the video is from a different angle. It is not the video they had at the FBI. They wonder who leaked it.

At a restaurant, Simon looks over a passport with the name David Walker. It has his photo. He memorizes the name. A woman, Lita (Annabeth Gish), who approached Janis about being a double agent, approaches him saying she has an offer.

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