Friday Night Lights: "Thanksgiving" Review Season 4, Episode 13

While perhaps not quite living up to the notably high standards set by previous season finales for this series (not counting Season 2, which was cut off early by the writers' strike), "Thanksgiving" still ended Friday Night Lights' fourth season on a compelling, if not perfect, note.

It was nice to see the Mayor again in the opening scene. She was one of those peripheral characters that helps make Dillon feel like a genuine town, but we hadn't seen her in quite awhile. Even as the Mayor was talking about a friendly rivalry between the Panthers and Lions, the tension was only increasing of course - well portrayed by seeing all of the signs throughout town pledging allegiance to one team or the other. I also thought the shots of the Lions field, torn apart, were stirring and did their job well at reminding us why this was, for the Lions, a matter of pride - and yes, there's no avoiding that word.

This episode didn't exactly have much in the way of shocks in terms of the game. When Eric told Luke he could suit up for the game but wouldn't be able to play, I jotted down in my notes, "Hmm" Because why suit him up at all if he's not going to get the big scene where he comes in and kicks ass? But come on we all wanted to see him come in and kick ass, right?

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