Recap: "Family Gay"

Family Guy returns this week with an all new episode and gay Peter? Find out what transformed Peter, and what the Griffins did to change him back; or did they?

Before I get into this week's main plot, let me quickly recap to you the subplot, because as well all know, there has to be a subplot in Family Guy in order to be able to fill a full episode.

Peter is sent to the market to buy a can of beans. Unfortunately, it was not that simple of task for the small brain of Peter. Instead, Peter wins a brain dead horse at an auction in Louisville. Here's my question: Did anyone enjoy anything about the entire horse plot? I'll be honest....I did not.

Frankly, I found it quite disturbing and creepy after a bit. But what do I know? I'm not the mastermind behind the sitcom. What were your opinions?

Onto the main plot...Peter turning gay? After needing to find a way to pay for $100,000 that "Till Death" caused at the derby, Peter commits himself to experimental injections. Now here was some classic Family Guy bashing. The first injection Peter is given, was the Squirrel Gene. Unsurprisingly, it transformed Peter into a squirrel. The next injection was the Seth Rogen gene. This was a dead-on impersonation of Seth Rogan. Lastly, came the Gay gene. After being a bit hesitant, Peter is easily persuaded by $125 to have himself injected. What happens? know.

Peter is now gay! He can now bake muffins and wear more clothes than he has ever worn in his entire television career. In addition to his new wardrobe, Peter sports a new hairstyle and even finds a boyfriend in Scott.

Peter decides to leave Lois and leaves her devastated. Who can fix this? The little tag team of Brian and Stewie. Stewie presents a straight camp brochure to Brian. The two decide to tranquilize Peter and get him in there in order to save Lois from her misery. One worthy note here: Stewie had that brochure for one year! When Brian questioned him, Stewie responded...well in his usual confused persona.

When Straight camp does not work for Peter, Lois lets him be himself with Scott. In celebration of Peter's return, Scott organizes an 11-way. What better time for us to find out that Peter's gay genes would only last 2.5 weeks? 2.5 weeks falls exactly during the "group session". Peter runs away, and everything is back to the same old.

I will be Mr. Negative here. Family Gay fell way short of my expectations. Even with its traditional pop culture references and flashbacks, this week's episode could not simply keep me tuned in. I'll admit, I did manage to laugh at times, but as in previous times, Family Guy simply fell short again.

Noteworthy scene of the week: Peter telling Brian to use what he has learned from Peter on being the man of the house. (Brian farts in Meg's face and slaps Lois). Let me defend myself here by saying that I would never encourage such a thing.

I now encourage you to comment, respond, and correct me as always. We are winding down here on the season, but are all awaiting the finale that is to come. It is rumored that this season's finale will be the next Star Wars parody, "Something, Something, Something....Dark Side". Look forward to that this season.

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Mar 10, 2009 3:01AM EDT

swing and miss! This was a horrible episode, just plain wrong.
P.S. I do encourage farting in Meg's face; it's the patriotic thing to do.

Default avatar cat

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Mar 23, 2009 12:22PM EDT

The Last 3 episodes of Family guy suck hard DONG!
Thats all I need to say....

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