Fringe: Looks Like Olivia and Peter Aren't Kissing... Yet?

Judging from the little Fringe spoiler article I posted here last week, looks like everyone wants to see Olivia and Peter seriously hook up. And by hook up, they mean the two characters who'll reportedly touch lips during the second season premiere. But something else has arrived, and it seems that's not really happening. reports that Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson won't have a significant scene when the show returns in roughly three weeks. Bummer, right? So much for me thinking that way, with the two having some moment when she gets rushed to the hospital after returning from over there, at least judging from the promo I posted.

What's going to happen, though, is that Peter will be spending a lot of time with two characters. One is Agent Jessup, the newbie FBI agent which Meghan Markle will play. And judging from the publicity photos I found, looks like they will be doing stuff together:

Okay, so they aren't really that together there, but since she's playing the stranger to the Fringe Division, I bet Peter will have to explain to her all the stuff Walter rambles about.

The other character he'll spend some time with is--brace yourselves--Livy's sister, Rachel. I knew this was coming. And I know most of you don't want this to happen, but I actually do. It feels natural, really: while Olivia and Peter seem to share a fondness for each other, it looks like it's more of the let's-see-what-really-happened kind rather than the I-love-you-will-you-love-me-back kind.

Sadly, I haven't any photographic proof of that possibly happening. (And speaking of photographic proof, I'll be posting all photos from the season premiere when I get my hands on the official storyline.)

Is it either of them? Maybe. Most likely Rachel, since the seeds have been sown. But why does a part of me think that the two-characters-kissing bit actually refer to Peter giving Walter a kiss in the forehead, a sign that he's finally, finally warming up to his dad? Maybe he'd call him "dad" rather than "Walter" for a change.

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Aug 30, 2009 3:51AM EDT

well i'm not surprised really, i want Peter & Olivia to eventually get together, but I think right now they are better off as just friends/getting to know each other better. the love is there, just not the in-love kind... just yet. and personally i love a bit of drama and jealousy so if Peter needs to hookup with another officer or olivia's sister Rachel then so be it, i'm sure Olivia isn't going to be particularly happy with that.. and that's where it should follow through, that eventually they will realize that they truly deserve each other.. i just hope the writers keep it as natural and organic as possible, i'm excited to see it happen, more hints here and there would help even if the revelation doesn't occur anytime soon

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