Recap: "It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots"

A variety of physical and mental skills were required to finish the fourth leg of the race, including home repair, bobsledding and familiarity with Russian literature. But while the teams jockey for first place, a new twist in the game leaves one team wondering who would be devious enough to turn on them. Let's break it down.

And they're off!

Leaving Romania behind, the teams read the route information clues aloud and mangle the pronunciation of their next destination, Krasnoyarsk, located deep in the heart of Siberia. Honestly, I had to look at the screen three times to spell it correctly. Last week's first place team, Mel and Mike, are first out of the gate as all teams make their way to Moscow on one of four connecting flights from Bucharest to Frankfurt, Munich, Sofia or Istanbul before making the flight to Krasnoyarsk.

This was probably my favorite cab sequence ever. On the way to the airport, flight attendants Christie and Jodi love their cab driver when he takes them to an Internet café to check out departure times. Kris states that he and Amanda are young and competitive and can go to infinity and beyond to win. Brothers Mark and Michael get wise and discover that they can call ahead to an airline and book a flight. Moving forward on this stroke of genius, they ask their driver for a phone. He obliges, makes the call for them and hands it to Mark. There was either a communication breakdown with the cab driver or he was the first to play a practical joke on the stuntmen. In another cab not far away, we see a driver hand his phone to cheerleaders Jamie and Cara. Cara takes the incoming call and recognizes Mark on the other end hoping to make a reservation. Taking advantage of an irresistible situation, she lightheartedly impersonates a Lufthansa representative. The unsuspecting Mark tries to book a flight ,but the fun-loving jokester informs him there is only a 9 am flight that is in business class. (Teams are only allowed to pay for economy class tickets.) Cara bursts into laughter and hangs up on a disappointed Mark.

As it turns out, Mark and Michael are one of three teams to arrive first in Krasnoyarsk at 5:40 am. Kisha/Jen and Christie/Jodi are the other two. But the entrance to the hydroelectric dam where they are to pick up their next clue doesn't open until 8:30 am. They maintain their lead as five teams miss the connecting flight.

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