Dollhouse: "Sexually Dark Stuff" in HD? That's Your Second Season

The fact that Dollhouse is returning for its second season in less than a month makes me grin already. The fact that it's pretty much getting down to business when the new episodes start airing is threatening to change my grin to a toothy smile.

Sure, suddenly the stakes for the show have changed: "Epitaph One" has turned the whole premise over its head, and according to Eliza Dushku herself, it's made converts out of skeptics. And while the impact of that episode may be felt throughout the second season--the new shooting style, partly powered by HD technology, meant the show would be "less science fiction-y and more really present-day," she told Access Hollywood--but there are the more urgent storylines that were left hanging at the end of the last season. Stuff like, say, Ballard's entry into the Dollhouse.

His flipping sides is really going to spin things around, it seems. "Echo doesn't know entirely what's going on yet, [but] as she becomes more and more self-aware, she's recognizing this constant, tall, dark, looming man in the Dollhouse," Dushku told E! Online.

"They have a connection," Tahmoh Penikett added. "It's not a physical attraction, but I hope it's something that we explore a lot more this season. You're not quite sure what it is. There's a past, there's a history, there's an understanding between them that's very different. I think the audience is really going to like it and be really curious about where we're going in the first few episodes."

Actually, if you've seen the first season it's quite obvious there's something between Paul and Echo in the past. Just don't make Paul a former Active.

The other floating storyline, although it never really was tackled a lot, is the Sierra-Victor story--the prerequisite romance, only without much self-awareness. "They're going to explore that relationship more," Enver Djokaj said. "They explore the Sierra-and-Victor love as dolls, but then also they're going to go into the backstory of both of them."

At least we know they'll be together, somehow, in the end. If you haven't seen "Epitaph One", then I'm sorry for the spoiler.

The one last thing they're promising: more crazy stuff. "Sexually dark stuff," according to Fran Kranz. "Murder. Sex and murder."

Well, if the second season premiere--again, September 25--is any indication, well, maybe. Echo gets married? I'm wondering what exactly is the point of marrying an Active that you hire for a limited engagement.

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