American Idol: Danny Gokey's Close To Getting An Album, And He's Going Country

So what exactly happened to Danny Gokey? Before the American Idol tour kicked off, there was some talk about the path he'll take after his third-place finish on the show. Just when Kris Allen (obviously), Adam Lambert (inevitably) and Allison Iraheta (half-surprisingly) got record deals quickly, Danny's pretty much nowhere to be found, at least until the tour began, when we saw him singing again, and thankfully the set doesn't include "Scream On"--oh, sorry, I mean, "Dream On".

But Danny seems to know what he's doing. His point is, he's taking things one step at a time, having a feel for things before taking his next step. "I want my first record to be done well," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I'm not interested in making the million dollars. I'll climb the ladder slowly and build myself up, learn the industry, learn what's good and not good."

The good news is, it seems he's close to an album deal. He says we should expect an announcement pretty soon--maybe the middle of September, I'm guessing. He's "just waiting".

But what will the album be? Now here's where I got a bit surprised: he's going country.

"Country is more about the message than it is about the twang," he said. "In the past I've always picked songs that have a strong message, and that's what country carries [to me]."

Makes sense. I mean, he's done a handful of country songs throughout his stint in the competition, and it doesn't really sound country, thanks in part to his (admitted) lack of twang. And sure, I've grown to not like Danny because of his lack of growth in the competition, but his good vocals cannot be taken out of the question.

Perhaps it's just my little stereotype of what country music is that surprised me. I've always thought Danny would do good with a standards-like album, something slightly jazzy and very much contemporary. (Also, I've always thought it's Michael Sarver who'll be going country among the Top 13.) But, as Danny himself said, you don't know when you're hearing a country song, citing Taylor Swift andMiley Cyrus. In other words, he isn't going the traditional country route.

How this will all turn out, of course, remains such a curiosity.

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