Barbara Padilla Wins the Night on 'America's Got Talent'

Not to take anything away from Ishaara, who was incredible too, but it was stunning soprano Barbara Padilla who clearly won the night on America's Got Talent. The final set of acts performed last night on the NBC talent show, including yet another dog (Spy), a percussion group, and more acrobats. Yet it was Barbara Padilla who stole the show when she sang Andrea Bocelli's Con Te Partiro giving everyone goose bumps in the process. Also, she oddly reminds me of Grey's Anatomy's Callie (Sara Ramirez).

Padilla, who was visibly thrilled after the America's Got Talent started showering her with praises, is also a cancer survivor and doting mum. There you have it, America. Talent plus good storyline equals America's Got Talent success.

"What a magnificent woman you are," said an exasperated Sharon Osbourne. "You have taken my breath away. All the goose bumps in my neck. It was just perfect. Everything. The performance, the way you look, God, you are a star. You are so brilliant."

Piers Morgan went as far as saying that Padilla "raised the bar so high that [he doesn't] see anybody beating" her last night.

"The reason why Simon Cowell created this show in the first place was exactly for people like you, Barbara. To take somebody who is a great mum, who had come through cancer, someone from an ordinary background, nothing special, no special privilege in life. You come to the show, you do a great audition, and then tonight you come out looking like this, singing like that, living your dream."

It is no understatement either, as you need not be high-brow to appreciate something like Padilla's performance. When she hits the high notes, you literally feel the hair at the back of your neck stand. It's significant to mention that pop opera singer Neal Boyd won last year's America's Got Talent, and already, it's quite easy to spot similarities between the two. Another bit of trivia, Britain's Got Talent season 1 winner Paul Potts (the other BGT sensation before Susan Boyle) sang the same song in the semis of the British reality show.

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