Episode Recap: "Taking Sides"

After the much-debated movie event of a week ago, Brothers & Sisters returned to its soapy best - and no one was safe. When we were last with the Walkers, they were swimming their way through "Troubled Waters." But now that they've each found the shore, they realize they're not all standing on the same side of the river. It's Tommy vs. Holly, Justin vs. Rebecca, Kitty vs. Robert, and Nora vs. the World (or at least the bulk of her family). But as the episode poignantly reminds us, in battles of the heart, most often there are no winners, only casualties. Did anyone survive? Let's find out.

With Ryan in town, Nora wants to get everyone together for lunch, but that proves futile. Sarah is "looking at an office building," Kevin "had something come up at the office," and Tommy has a "meeting with Holly." Tommy's lie about being at his embezzlement arraignment is at least somewhat truer than Sarah and Kevin's. Nora decides, however, to take Ryan to see his father's handywork at Ojai and surprise Tommy. Of course, Tommy's not there, forcing Rebecca - who, with Justin, has agreed not to take a side in Tommy's mess - to give Ryan a tour of Ojai keep Nora in the dark. (Seriously, this secret the family can keep from Nora?) In any case, Nora -desperate to get Ryan and her other kids in the same room - plans a dinner party.

Meanwhile, Tommy is released on bail and a trial date is set. Julia - who is also still in the dark, WTF? - realizes that Tommy is guilty of everything he's been charged with and kicks him to the curb (Sarah's house). Saul, Kevin and Sarah search for a way to keep Tommy out of jail, but they know that ultimately it comes down to Holly dropping the charges on a promise of restitution on Tommy's part. Kevin warns Saul and Sarah that neither of them can approach Holly, but Sarah thinks Justin might be able to influence Rebecca. Justin's not big on the idea, but Sarah serves up a big plate of guilt with her freshly baked cookies: "This is family - you can't pretend you're not involved," she says. Justin relents and asks Rebecca to maybe have mercy on Tommy. He also invites her to Nora's "meet Ryan" party, and swears nothing bad will happen as long as she is Switzerland.

Rebecca's heartstrings send her straight to Holly, who she asks to drop the charges against Tommy. She pleads that the case is coming between her and Justin, and that Holly is the only one in a position to stop it. Understanding what she's asking, Rebecca asks that Holly not do it for Tommy, but for her. Considering how Holly stonewalled Sarah, who knows if it will work? That's right, Sarah went to Holly against Kevin's advisement, promising that Tommy would return the money, resign from the board, forfeit his shares and never step foot on the premises. When Holly balks, Sarah loses her cool, but Holly reminds Sarah that none of this is her doing - that she has held up her end of the deal in saving Ojai. "Tommy did this to himself," Holly says.

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