Two More Leave 'More to Love'

We are almost at that stage of this kind of competitions where the main guy or girl meets the families of the remaining contestants (The Bachelor, is that you?). But that's next week, and currently, two more girls leave the More to Love mansion - Kristian (despite a demonstration of her linguistic prowess) and Heather (because of being overly bubbly?).

The More to Love episode started off with Mandy and Kristian receiving a note telling them how their next date with Luke would go, and that would be salsa dancing. When we got to the dance floor, two sexy salsa dancers weren't enough to stop Kristian, who was clearly on a prowl and quickly whisked Luke into the dance floor. Later, Mandy walked in on them kissing - gasp - and she went off crying, with Luke chasing after her to the bathroom.

Back at the mansion, the four remaining girls - Heather, Tali, Anna and Malissa - baked a tray of cupcakes for Luke along with a pile of love-filled cards while he's out. What followed was Malissa's one-on-one with Luke, who took her for a helicopter ride over the country to a picnic in a vineyard, finishing off with a ride on a two-person bike (with zebras grazing around?)

And some more bathing suits-related panic ensued when the three girls Anna, Heather, and Tali found out that they have a date at the beach. Seriously? I thought these things would figure out early in the competition, but not this late. Haven't they gotten over such issues yet? OK, I guess they don't go away. Anyway.

The day at the beach turned out uncomfy for the girls, as predicted, but Luke was able to turn things around by having them rub sunscreen on his belly. Tali and Luke had a rather nice walk, Anna and Luke went on a boat ride (and talked about marriage), and Heather sort of mildly whined about being jealous over Malissa's date.

With six remaining girls and virtually everyone close to him (perhaps except Tali), Luke gave the remaining rings to Anna, Malissa, Mandy, and Tali, in effect eliminating Heather and Kristian.

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