Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - Old Christine Meets Young Frankenstein

When a bully is revealed at the school Little Ritchie attends, Christine is clearly worried that her son is being victimized. But while Old Christine followed the traditional sitcom formula for a bit at the beginning, by the time we reached the end of the episode, it had gone somewhere only Christine Campbell can take it.

Even better we got a surprise return, though it's something I've kind of been waiting for all season, and a hilarious guest appearance by Amy Sedaris. I can't understand why Sedaris hasn't blown up even bigger than she has. If Michael Strahan can get a big network comedy built around him, why they hell can't Amy Sedaris?

She took what could have been a pretty ordinary guest appearance, and turned it into a powerhouse performance all on its own through sheer force of will and talent.

As soon as it was revealed that there was a bully, we knew it was Little Ritchie. After seeing what Christine had given him for lunch (ketchup packets, cheese and a bagel), it's no wonder he's hitting up some other kid for lunch money. And yet, when asked about it, I love his enthusiastic response: "I know! Isn't it great!" He was so proud of himself.

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