Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 17 - Workforce Part 2

With Neelix's help, Torres begins to remember her life as a starship engineer. On the planet, Chakotay (who has managed to escape capture thus far) approaches Janeway, but is unable to overcome her skepticism.

A young doctor begins to become suspicious that so many people of the same species have the apparently-rare 'dysphoria syndrome', and that almost all of them got jobs at the energy plant, all began working at the same time, and none of them have any previous file references. After gentle inquiries result in an official 'hands-off' warning from the local law enforcement, the doctor approaches Annika Hansen, who is initially sceptical, but begins taking Tuvok's rants seriously.

What the Efficiency Monitor discovers breaks the spell: the workers at the plant were diagnosed with dysphoria syndrome (and treated with mind-altering drugs), specifically so that they could be placed in the plant to alleviate the labor shortage. Examining the files of the plant's newest 'employees', she discovers that they are all Voyager officers and crew, and begins to launch a deeper investigation.

Meanwhile, Chakotay, Kim and the Doctor discover that the planet's own government is unaware of the kidnappings. Working with the planet's doctor, Annika unmasks the conspiracy and frees Voyager's crew, and the planetary government pledges to end the forced-labor practices begun by plant staff.

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