Review: Cougar Town - Mystery Man Episode 10

It's interesting; the entire time I was watching this episode, I really couldn't pinpoint any comedic highs or annoying lows. It was just a "nice" episode. But that's not a bad thing. After spending nine episodes careening from one kind of show to another, it was good to see an episode that just slowed down, let the characters breathe, and showed why this is becoming such a good ensemble.

Oh, and it gave us a chance to see another one of the Bill Lawrence Players: Scott Foley. Forget The Unit or Felicity; I always thought Foley's best job was as the awkward Sean on Scrubs. So it's good to see him back in the fold again. And judging by the story he's in, he's going to be around for awhile.

I get the feeling that at this point Jules is going to go between relationships with fresh meat and the inevitably more meaningful romances with guys around her age (though if Foley is playing his age - 37 - then Jules is still cougaring him by 4 years). I liked how Courteney Cox played it this time around; Jeff was in her head, but she stayed calm, and not just because her therapist told her to make him little.

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