Review: Nip/Tuck - Benny Nilsson Season 6, Episode 9

As Nip/Tuck's penultimate season winds down, I'm having a hard time getting excited for next week's finale knowing that the final season kicks off right after the New Year on January 6th. With only a few weeks in-between the episodes, next week doesn't feel like the event that a Nip/Tuck finale usually is. Regardless, FX's scheduling plans were obviously not on the table when Ryan Murphy and Co. shot these final episodes and as far the creative team was concerned, it was business as usual. Despite a few odd plot choices, "Benny Nilsson" set-up what could arguably be McNamara/Troy's biggest challenge yet -- staying in business.

First things first -- those odd plot choices. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that Sean's allegedly dead brother Brendan has been brought up before, though it's been many seasons since it was discussed. The same goes for Christian's childhood and the foster father who molested him. Both of these plots are serious throwbacks to Nip/Tuck's glory days and from a viewer's standpoint, I had reconciled them and moved on. From the character's standpoint, I thought they had too.

So to have both those stories resurface again, this late in the game, felt a little forced. The reasoning was sound -- to make the argument for who you can and can't trust when it comes to family -- but these two plots were so far removed from the world of McNamara/Troy at this point, that I'm not sure they were the best options to tell this particular story.

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