Review: The Middle - Christmas Episode 10

I really hope ABC comes up with a good solid lead for Wednesday nights. I use CBS's The New Adventures of Old Christine to lead into ABC's excellent block of three comedies, but they really should have a show of their own. So far we've had a few specials and even repeats of Modern Family, since the demise of Hank. Maybe a better idea is to let The Middle lead off the night and slip a new comedy into its old slot. It's certainly strong enough creatively.

Just like The Big Bang Theory was a breakout hit waiting to happen, I think The Middle is being overshadowed by Modern Family. Maybe a shake-up is just what it needs. Don't get me wrong, MF is fully deserving of all the praise, just not at the expense of this wonderful little gem tucked right before it.

It was odd that, for the second major holiday in a row, the episode was about Mike stepping up to make the season happen.

This time, he did so to allow Frankie her chance, after fifteen years, to sing the solo at the midnight service at their church. Mike stubbornly refused to admit Christmas was hard, and actually did an admirable job of tackling all the things that make the holiday season work. I actually laughed out loud when it was revealed that he'd forgotten to label the gifts, because inevitably that would happen at our house every year.

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