'Jersey Shore' Pre-VMA Special Recap: The Uncle Nino Show

How come no one told me that there was a special pre-VMA episode of Jersey Shore on last night? Oh, you say that MTV did tell me last Thursday evening during Jersey Shore? But that they prefaced it with the words "VMAs" and "Chelsea Handler," which both set off the irrelevance bells in my brain (DING DONG!), so I automatically tuned it out? Got it. Well, live and learn. Or, in the case of Jersey Shore cast ... live. No learning allowed.

So last night before Lady Gaga won a million awards for the only music video made this year (zzzzz) and Taylor Swift performed a redemption song for Kanye West (boohoo, I'm sure), we got a little extra special glimpse into the lives of the Jersey kids, and guess what? Sometimes their lives are boring. Just as boring as our lives, but made more tragically so by the addition of cuts and an emo-guido soundtrack.

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