American Idol: Victoria Beckham's Next Step to American Domination?

First, an admission: it is very likely that we're all making too much of a fuss out of this. Who knows, maybe the intention is really just to stick around for a while rather than an all-out takeover, much like someone on holiday who, say, falls in love with Cancun. Or maybe there's something that we don't really know, but nothing that drastic.

But hey, someone started the fire, and we might as well watch it as it burns. The magic question: is Victoria Beckham's guest judge stint on American Idol more than just that one-off at the callbacks?

Since Paula Abdul left, the former Spice Girl's been one of the guest judges lined up for the callbacks, apart from Katy Perry and... I don't know who else, honestly. All we know is she's finished her guest stint during the Denver callbacks, and some who've seen her work said she's "icy and wooden" in her attempts to be nice. (Which affirms what we all think: you cannot replace Paula.)

But apparently she's not yet done with Idol, if we're to trust Natalie Eshaya, a producer for Ryan Seacrest's syndicated radio show. On her Twitter page she reported that Beckham joined Idol staffers on a flight to Boston, where the show is set to hold their callback auditions next.

"We are going for Idol," Eshaya tweeted. "She must be too! Interesting!"

I told you it's possibly us making too much out of a minor detail, but if you're in her shoes, it's not a bad decision after all. Posh and Becks, making it big in America after making it big in Britain? Makes sense, right? Becks, the soccer player turned... soccer player, and Posh, the pop sensation (or at least one-fifth of it) turned reality judge. With the little knowledge of the two that I have--an episode of E!'s True Hollywood Story--I have an idea that they're trying to establish themselves here and be as popular as they were before, which is understandable and possible.

But American Idol? No, I'm not against it, but with all this fuss about Paula's departure and the efforts to fill her slot, I know not everybody will warm to it. Or nobody will. Not soon, at least.

Nobody's saying anything the moment: no one from Fox, Fremantle, nor Posh's reps. But judging from Eshaya's tweets, the singer's doing something right if she's out to earn American hearts and dominate again.

"Posh has boarded our plane to Boston!" the producer tweeted. "Last one on... but hey, at least she flies commercial! Love it. Love her more now!"

To quote Jordin Sparks, it takes one step at a time.

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