'NCIS' Season 7 Preview

NCIS sure left a lot of questions when season 6 ended last May. Needless to say, all these will be answered when the highly rated CBS procedural returns for its heavily anticipated seventh run on September 22.

Of all the characters, perhaps it's Ziva (Cote De Pablo) whose future is most hanging in the balance when season 6 wrapped up. Last we checked, she had been captured and all but dead, left behind in her native Israel after having Gibbs (Mark Harmon) chose between her and Tony (Michael Weatherly). She was being tortured and beaten for info on NCIS, and we still have no idea who's behind it - either her Mossad-heading father or the terrorists Rifkin investigated?

According to some spoilers, Ziva will indeed be back, but she'll be a "changed woman" which isn't really hard to understand. Such change will most probably affect the dynamic of the team, especially the Tony and Ziva tandem. Most NCIS fans think the changed woman aspect of the spoiler may have something to do with the romantic aspect of things, meaning her experience in Tel Aviv might have ruined whatever she and Tony had.

Executive producer Shane Brennan offered this as a little peek: the two's relationship "will evolve rapidly" over the first three episodes so you better tune in.

As if that's not enough intrigue to rile NCIS fans up, Brennan teases: "You cannot miss the first minute of our season premiere. You'll think you know what's going on, but then you'll go, 'Am I seeing things? What just happened?!'"

In hopefully soothing conclusion to this NCIS season 7 preview: CBS previously confirmed that all the cast, including Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, David McCallum as Ducky, Pauley Perrette as Abby, and Rocky Carroll, will be back for season 7. September 22 - mark your calendars.

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Aug 13, 2009 6:26PM EDT

Asking Gibbs to choose was actually a setup on Ziva's part, and Gibbs knew it. She was going to stay no matter what he said, and it had little to do with Tony- she was going to continue Rivkin's mission.The torture scene we saw at the end of season 6 was taking place in the camp in north Africa that they had been seeking. Ziva's plan was to infiltrate this camp by purposely getting caught, at least, from what we can infer. Her father probably knows what is going on, but he is not "behind it" in the sense that he has ordered her to be tortured- he only ordered the mission.I'm hoping for some dynamic changes in her character, but I would love it either way- Ziva is an amazing character, flawlessly played. De Pablo does a fantastic job with her, and I can't wait to see the new season!

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