Conan Is Coming Back To TV... on TBS

The long wait is over. Right on the day that Conan O'Brien starts his cross-country tour in Oregon comes this rather large announcement: Conan is coming back to TV this November! But if you're thinking that he's going to do a late night show on FOX, you'd be mistaken. Instead, think "Very Funny."

Joe Adalian at (and Conan himself on Twitter) confirm that he's going to do a late night show on TBS. This is rather interesting, because everyone assumed that FOX would be the place that Conan would want to go to because they're the last "big" network where he could have a late night show. CBS and NBC already have something and while ABC was sorta mentioned in the mix, they're happy with 'Nightline' and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Congratulations to Conan. Honestly, this is a much better move for him than FOX would have been. Sure, FOX would have given him a bigger platform (if the affiliates would have been happy about it, which a lot of them weren't), but that bigger platform might have been his eventual downfall. There would have been more pressure to succeed and more pressure to succeed quickly.

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