Figuring Out the New Top 10 Pair-Ups

Say hello to the So You Think You Can Dance newbie, again. Okay, so maybe I'm pushing that game too hard, and since we have roughly a month left on the show, well, I'm not that much of a newbie anymore. But I'm still learning bits, like the shuffle that all the dancers in the Top 10 endure. So, as the game shifts to individual mode, we'll say goodbye to those established pair-ups, and instead see all these randomly in the coming weeks.

So I don't know what I'm doing here, actually. But anyway, I'm here because we've laid our hands on the supposed new pair-ups--thanks, again, to the folks at SYTYCDism--and my task is to bluff about them. Maybe ponder about whether they'll do good, in the best way that I can: slightly cluelessly. But enough of playing the clueless game. Spoilers are up ahead, and so are my thoughts!

By the way, I'll complicate things a bit. I saw these spoilers last Saturday, but decided to let my thoughts brew over the weekend. And then I check back today and see that Travis Wall, who's choreographing a routine this week, has said that some of these pair-ups aren't actually the pair-ups that we'll see on Wednesday. Right now, we don't know if Janette and Evan are really paired up, and if Kayla and Ade are really paired up, so while that's in the air, let's pretend that it's really the case, okay? Maybe I can get back to you on Wednesday when the genre spoilers come out.

Janette and Evan: Ground rules: I have been forever underwhelmed about Janette and Brandon since the start of the competition. Well, they're doing fine, but it seems they're always overshadowed by those other pairs. Evan, for instance, has grown from being second fiddle to Randi, to being a star in his own right. I'm curious as to how Janette will deal with it. (Oh, and note, Travis isn't confirming this yet.)

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