NCIS ''Short Fuse'' Review Season 8, Episode 3

In this episode of NCIS Short Fuse, a Marine bomb tech shoots a man who invades her home and Team Gibbs has their hands full trying to figure out who the man was. In addition to trying to get info on the victim, they also look deeper into the woman who shot him when her story doesn't add up. Turns out the man she was with that night is the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI and the man she shot was a hitman.

Everyone assumes he was after her lover but when they find out that he was actually after her, they dig deeper and find out that she was only dating the man in the hopes of getting the new name and location of the man convicted of shooting and paralyzing her brother. When they track her down to the man's home, they find her already there with a bomb strapped to the guy's chest. All she wanted was to give the guy a taste of what her brother has been going through, which she accomplishes with a fake bomb. Meanwhile Tony has been chosen as the new face of NCIS and has a photographer following him around the office to get the perfect cover shot, but it doesn't quite go the way he hopes.

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