'The Tudors' Episode 1, Season 4 - 'Season Four Premiere' Recap (Season Premiere)

What I love about 'The Tudors' is that there's really no other show on TV like it right now. It's not a crime show, a hospital show, a cop show, a family drama, a situation comedy, a sci-fi show or a reality show. I guess you'd classify it as historical drama, but it's so well done. Everything is top notch, from the costumes to the locations (it's shot in Ireland) to the music and, most definitely, the cast.

Season four - the show's last season - begins in August of 1540 with plenty of sex, drama, deceit, rape and even murder. King Henry has taken a fifth wife, the lusty teenager Katherine Howard, who has both a passion for life and a dubious sexual past that the King knows nothing about. We may have started the season with the nubile Katherine lying on a bed of roses and beckoning the King with "Will you not come to bed, my Lord?" But rest assured that things will take a horrible turn for the worse before the season ends. Being King Henry's queen is not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you've got people like Thomas Culpepper lurking around. He seemed like an ok guy until he did a number on that poor farm wife (and her husband). Good grief.

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